Shower Replacement

We are your first choice to replace a shower, if you want to add luxury or have changing needs in your household. Make your daily ritual more enjoyable and luxurious. Call now for our expert design and renowned, artful tile work.

custom tile walls and fllors

Customize it. Love it!

When we replace a shower, you will get the features you need and the lavishness you desire.

  • Choose sumptuous steam jets and multiple sprays.
  • Have a popular “rain” shower head.
  • Have room for two!
  • Enjoy tile and other touches that reinvigorate your décor.
  • Glass doors and walls are elegant and complement any design scheme.
  • Don’t ignore the amenities: have soaps and shampoos at eye level with built-in shelves.
  • Consider a special recess or bench that makes it simple to wash feet or shave legs – no more balancing act.
  • We will make it happen. You will love it! Call now.

Pamper Yourself

Shower time is perhaps our most personal time. Even when you’re in a rush to get out the door, time seems to stop when you’re surrounded by soothing water in a space that makes you feel good. You deserve a bathroom that makes personal time pamper time.

When Safety and Accessibility are Issues

  • You may want to replace a shower for a loved one with restricted mobility.
  • We are experts at refitting space to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines: bench seating, adjustable height sprayers, and grab bars for safe entry.
  • Do you need wheelchair accessibility? We have the creative ability and technical expertise to turn the space occupied by an old bathtub into a shower with the recommended 5-foot by five-foot turning radius. We can create a wider pan and lower the curb for roll-in access.
  • This type of upgrade is fast becoming a resale point as the US population ages.
  • We are up to the challenge of creating a barrier-free space to accommodate special needs.

bathroom tile installation in minnetonka, excelsior, hopkins, mn

Expert Installation

When it’s time to replace a shower, our experience counts. Sealing and waterproofing are as important as the delightful tile you have. You have found a company with more than three decades of tiling experience. We know what it takes to do the job well and make it last a lifetime.

Two Tips from a Pro

  1. Thinking about add-ons like bench seating, glass screens and soap ledges? Now is the time to do it. People who skip them regret the expense of adding them later.
  2. Are your shower heads too low or poorly placed? Don’t just replace tiling and doors. You want plumbing adjustments and the stall layout reinvented at the same time. Don’t worry about any mess. We are well-known for leaving the area spotless when the work is done.

Other Reasons to Replace a Shower

  • If your shower screams 1985 and no longer fits into your lifestyle, it’s time to replace the tile and fixtures.
  • When it looks dingy and intense cleaning and repair no longer do the trick.
  • If elderly parents are moving back in, it may need more safety features and fewer barriers.
  • When you no longer use the bathtub we can turn it into a spa-like shower. Call now.

Make it Watertight Again

Leaking will cause long-term damage to walls and subflooring. Common weak spots are under the screen; leaks in the tray or the waterproof membrane; and a variety of plumbing problems. Even something simple as degraded grout or missing silicone can cause complex problems. Stop it before it turns into major structural problems.

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