Kitchen Tile Flooring

For your kitchen tile flooring, you deserve to have custom design and installation. Call us now for stunning décor ideas. Our unmatched installation skill will guarantee that your floor is a stand out for a lifetime. Find out why we are one of the most trusted names in livable, lovely surfaces.

tile flooring in kitchen in excelsior and minnetonka, mnChoose from a Variety of Materials

  • Ceramic and porcelain are popular kitchen tile flooring. The design potential is like no other surface, ranging from bold to earth tones.
  • Quarried slate offers natural resistance to moisture, slips and stains. It is one of the most durable and resilient construction materials. You can trust us to lay it flawlessly, so that it will remain beautiful for generations.
  • Granite offers a gorgeous gemlike quality as a floor accent, and in areas that don’t get heavy duty traffic. Kept clean, granite remains scratch-free, bright and dramatically striking.

Showcase Your Good Taste

Your kitchen tile flooring will be a centerpiece of your kitchen decor, whether it is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or an artful blend of styles.

  • Let your floor color be informed by the palette in the room. Choose a color that picks up on a hue from one of the other finishes you have selected for the room.
  • You can make your floor a focal point by choosing brighter colors, a patterned design, or a mix of sizes and contrasting colors. Let us provide a design that perfectly suits the room you envision.
  • Traditional 18” x 18” tiles are a popular option, but by far not the only one. We can design and install any type of staggered looks, basket weaves, mosaics or freeform pattern. Creating a focal point using colors and shapes will bring drama to the space.
  • Using tones, textures and layout, tile will visually open up a small and narrow room.

Hassle-Free Installation

We make installation as smooth as possible, handling every detail from planning to demolition to cleanup. Your home will be left remarkably clean. You have found a local tiling specialist with more than 30 years of experience. For a floor that draws an admiring crowd, call us now.


Kitchen tile flooring, excelsior, hopkins, mnAdvantages of Kitchen Tile Flooring

  • Unlike vinyl, tile cleans up with minimal effort and resists scuffing and tears.
  • Unlike wood, it is highly resistant to spills, stains and gouging.
  • Properly laid tile and grout repels moisture from steam, spills, mopping, and snow tracked-in during our Minnesota winters.
  • It will stand up to all the spills, dropped pots, foot traffic and chemicals that area part of daily life.
  • You use your kitchen every day. But high-grade, quality flooring will never show wear!

Kitchen Tile Flooring is a Safe Surface
Tiles that are embossed, unglazed, or matte finished provide superior traction. You will not have to worry about slipping on spills or just-mopped surfaces. You may want to consider smaller squares. A greater number of grout lines create natural slip-resistance. Of course, it is strikingly good looking!


A Solid Investment

No matter which type of material you select, kitchen tile floors are one of the great investments you can make in your home – one that will outlast other materials. As an A-plus member of Angie’s List and a respected name in the Western suburbs, we can guarantee your satisfaction. Your kitchen will be a delightful place in which to gather, cook and enjoy life – every day and every year.

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